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First search our database. The information below is gathered from our database, which is kept up to date with official information for Belgian companies. If the information shown below is not correct, please make the necessary changes. Note that in this case, you might still need to take some administrative steps to adjust this data in the official government database. If you can't find the correct legal entity, provide the data yourself after searching.

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Actual status and budget proposition

Describe the actual progress and status of your project (i.e. where are you in the overall process of bringing your product/service to the market?) and indicate the overall funding needs for the entire process (i.e. beyond imec.istart). Provide a detailed budget breakdown of how the imec.istart budget (max. 50 kEUR) will be used for your project. Max. 1/3 of the budget can be directed towards further product/technology development. Salaries and other forms of compensation for the entrepreneurs themselves are not eligible. Provide some concrete milestones to be reached during the imec.istart project (at least 1 milestone per ‘cost category’).

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Business pitch

Provide a business pitch of maximally 12 slides, containing at least following information:
- Solution: What is the product (and service) you wish to commercialize?
- Need: What is the significant customer and market need addressed by your solution?
- Market & Customer(s): What are the market(s) or market segment(s) you intend to serve? What type of customers do you intend to address?
- Approach: What is your (preliminary) go-to-market strategy? How / where will your product (and service) be sold?
- Business model: How do you think you will make money?
- Competition: Who are your competitors (both current and potential) and how does your project relate to them?
- Benefits: What are the specific benefits of your product/service compared to existing solutions (i.e. what is/are your differentiator(s) or competitive advantage(s))?
- Team: Who is part of the team that will turn your start-up into a success?
- Bonus: What is the one special thing you want to add to convince us?

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Executive summary

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Present your project in a short executive summary (max. 2 pages - mandatory use of the template available above).

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Team presentation

Present your team members and their relevant expertise in 1 page. If relevant add your team members’ CV to this document. (LinkedIn profile can be sufficient).

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Non Disclosure Agreement

Terms And Conditions

Acknowledgement imec.istart principles

We hereby acknowledge that we understand the basic principles of the imec.istart business incubation program and that we accept them.

  • The imec.istart business incubation is a program providing 50000 EUR preseed funding.
  • It is also a coaching program, in which coaches and mentors help the startups. Additionally, the startups learn from each other.
  • The support provided is not a grant. The entire support package (preseed funding, oaching an additional benefits) is converted into 6% of the shares in the startup.
  • Every startup can maximally apply in two different imec.istart calls with the same project.
  • The imec.istart program welcomes applications from all over the world. Startups entering the program should be willing to establish a substantive activity in Flanders or Brussels (Belgium) (e.g. their headquarter, an R&D center, a sales office).
  • If you apply for one of the imec.istart special tracks, you are aware of the fact that the imec partners of these tracks will also receive your submission files and co-evaluate your submission next to imec.
imec Information

imec can send me additional information on relevant items, such as future calls for imec programs and imec newsletters. Your personal information will never be passed on third parties.


If your project is selected, you will receive an invite for 17 October 2017 or 18 October 2017 or 19 October 2017. If you cannot make it, then unfortunately, we cannot accept your project.